Gurmat School
Mission Statement

♦ Prepare and distribute Gurbani and Sikh history materials
♦ Establish SGGS Centres to serve the local community at strategic locations globally.
♦ Enhance the true spirit and values of Sikhism in every Sikh
♦ Organized activities for the development of a united and healthy society
♦ Promoted awareness of virtues to create an understanding and loving society
♦ Reduce community gaps within the society
♦ Encourage working together for a common goal
♦ Improve the involvement of society’s role in nation-building.

Punjabi Education addresses the following needs:

♦ Communication
♦ Heritage

♦ Cultural & Social

♦ Literature

Gurmat Studies for Spiritual Enhancement address the following:

♦ Understanding Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

♦ Sikh History

♦ Gurmat Studies

♦ Comprehension of religious literature


♦ Create A Learned Society By Developing A Systematic Modular Gurmat Education Tailored To Today’s              Lifestyle For The Global Sikh Community To Promote Divine Knowledge